About a bot [Part III - the Groove]

As you already know from my previous blogpost, I did a F# mentorship with Mathias Brandewinder in the beginning of the year. Below you can find a list of topics covered, with links towards extra learning material.

seq, list and array (session 1)

Introduction into function, partial application, |> and composition (session 2)

discriminated unions and pattern matching (session 3)

type providers, list comprehension syntax, computation expressions and async (Session 4)

FsCheck, Unquote (Session 5)

Single case discriminated unions, mailbox processor (Session 6)

Active patterns and imports (Session 7)

rec, for and distances (Session 8)

Generics, sets and maps (Session 9)


If you have other material or suggested readings for a topic, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.