Hey there! And welcome to my blog

Thanks for reading my blog! My name is Gien and I was a software developer for 13 years, programming in both OOP and FP languages, mostly in .NET. Now I focus on strategic software decisions and domain modelling. Recently I started working as a senior consultant for a company called Aardling and loving it.

As a Domain-Driven Design practitioner, I look to bridge the gaps between experts, users, and engineers. As a side interest, I am researching the science of decision-making strategies, to help teams improve how they make technical and organisational decisions. I share what I know by speaking and teaching at international conferences.

I always start my day with coffee, I'm part of the @DDDBE organisational team and I help out at DDD Europe. I am also studying Computer Science at the OU in the Netherlands.

And when I am not doing all that, you'll find me on the sofa, reading a book and sipping coffee.

If you want to meet me in person, you can do this at these events:

If you want to know a bit more about domain modelling and decision-making, you can buy the book I am currently writing. I am writing this together with two lovely people: Evelyn van Kelle and Kenny Baas-Schwegler.