DDDEU23 - Slides Collaborative software design

At DDDEU23, after being invited to give a hands-on lab on modelling constraints, I was unexpectedly invited to give a talk about the book “Collaborative software design” I am writing too. This time I did it on my own, without the help of my co-authors Kenny Baas-Schwegler and Evelyn van Kelle. It is similar to the talk I did with Evenlyn at TEQNation earlier that month, with my own personal touches on the content.

Collaborative software design - How to facilitate domain modeling decisions

It’s a challenge to arrive at achievable, sustainable software design decisions. Fortunately, there’s a collection of tools and techniques you can use to facilitate productive decision-making sessions, even when you involve a diverse group of business and technical stakeholders. Placing such a diverse group of people in the same room, brings social challenges with it. At TEQNation 2023 in Utrecht, Evelyn van Kelle and I spoke about these social challenges and how to deal with them in your company.